meat factory


A girl walks into a room and she knows all eyes are on her. 

Not because she is a Victoria Secret model, or won the beer pong at the social. No, she’s the girl who you had sex with last night, and now there's a Snapchat of her lips around your bits and it's being passed around like a joint in a derelict park.

It’s just banter. You’re not an arsehole, just a lad at uni and it's what it is. 

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University is like a factory. Our young minds are on a conveyor belt, each one being sculpted by the very hands of lad culture and uni life.

It is one of the most vulnerable times in our lives. Joining together an eclectic mix of country bumpkins and city know it alls. 

We instinctually form into packs, to find the like-minded and never leave their side. 

Then when you feel insecure and want to impress your new group of friends, you’ve got an expansive choice between sexism, homophobia and harassment to get those forever bonds formed.

For some reason it’s much cooler to harass and insult a girl, then be a gent and hold the door open for her. The female form has become the ultimate all you can eat buffet; the more you eat, the more of a legend you become. Most girls don’t want to stand up and walk away, because if you aren’t part of the buffet you just aren’t part of the pack.

Both the guys and girls, are suffering with the need to conform, be part of the crowd and most of all not be a kill joy. 

We listen to chants about beating up pussies, and bitches washing up. Clapping along like it’s the Macarena. 

We have one night stands, and walk away feeling used and awful. 

The guys will treat you like meat, and the girls will accept that’s what they are.

No one wants to be the frigid feminist, in a room full of sheep dressed head to toe in shit shirts and air max. 

A message to our youth, please end this petty ego boosting sexism. A staggering 68% of your peers are subjected to some form of sexual harassment during their time at University. It’s a serious issue, and it can only be stopped if we all grow a backbone and say F**K OFF to Lad Culture.

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words - liberty

photos - pip jay

girl - lucy 

Liberty Papworth