hair don't care


Armpit hair. It's the marmite of all pubes. Mention it over the cucumber sandwiches at a family garden party, and sit back as you watch the crowds gag at the very idea that women grow hair there. For years and years, we’ve seen armpit blankets shamed as disgusting and dirty. I mean come on, it’s just a bit of pitt fuzz.

I think people are more scared of the people behind the pit, rather than the pit itself. People have constructed this image that supporting hair makes you an opinionated w*nker, the edgy girl who is avoided like the plague at a party.

The truth. Hairy armpits don't make you anymore of a feminist. They won't make you dirty or smelly. And they certainly don't make you anymore special than next person.

Our girl Sarah, doesn’t even consider that she has hairy armpits, she doesn’t see it as an excuse to preach to other people, infact she just grows them because she likes it.

The same as some girls put their hair in a ponytail, because they like it. Same reason I eat 10 bars of dairy milk whilst binge watching a series because I really do like it.

Having hairy armpits is as normal as wiping your bum.

We don’t judge you for wiping your bum and certainly don’t judge you for your armpits, hairy or not. 

We need to see the same amount of hairy armpits as we do shaved ones, hair needs to be made more normal.

Hair or no hair. We don’t care. 


words: lib

photos: pip jay

girl: sarah moore

Liberty Papworth