it's coming home... apparently?


Things I know about football:

  1. David Beckham

  2. 2006 was the year of the WAG


I am in a grotty pub. The carpet is sticky. The guy next to me burps and it smells like bacon frazzles. 

My neck is cranked into a position I didn’t know was possible, and I’m looking at a blurry TV, where I can just about make out that a couple of guys are running about a field, kicking a sack of air around. 

….This is the best Monday night I’ve had in ages!

The World Cup.


It’s bloody brilliant isn’t it? You go to the pub, shout with some strangers and you don’t even get a tiny bit mad when they chuck their pint of pale ale all over your head.

I am not into football.

I am only interested in the World Cup because it’s England.

I only go to Tottenham matches to spend some time with my Dad.

And sometimes in the pub I watch it just to avoid an awkward conversation with the person next to me.

I am a proud and clueless fickle football fan.


And there’s nothing wrong with that. I turn up and I join in. I add some volume to the chants, and I’ll happily nod along to conversations about formations that I’ll never understand.

But as girls I feel me and my fellow fickle gal-dem get a bit of stick for being so fickle.

Comments like do you even know what’s going on? Bet you haven’t got a clue about the offside rule.


It’s a bit shit, I don’t think you’d see a guy outing another guy for being a temp football fan. I am just there enjoying being part of something. I don’t see why I can’t pick up and drop the ball whenever I wish. And I can’t imagine how girls who are actually into football must feel if this is the kind of reception they get off football lads.

Football isn’t only a lads world.


The World Cup is about people coming together, whoever and whatever you are.

Fickles and die-hard fans. The World Cup brings us all into the same pubs up and down the country. So let’s just chuck beer all over each other, sing along to it’s coming home and remember that everyone is allowed to enjoy the game, even if they don’t have a clue what is going on.

FOOTBALL IS COMING HOME (whatever that means)

Liberty Papworth