the fickle fan


Things I know about football:

  1. David Beckham

  2. 2006 was the year of the WAG 

I am in a grotty pub. The carpet is sticky. The guy next to me burps and it smells like bacon frazzles. My neck is cranked into a position I didn’t know was possible, and I’m looking at a blurry TV, where I can just about make out that a couple of guys are running about a field, I  presume they have abs under their white shirts.

I look around me. And realise that I am not the only one, enjoying a game that I would normally have 0 interest in whatsoever! Because that’s the magic of the World Cup, it has the power to make a football fan out of anyone.

I am not into football. I only go to Tottenham matches to spend some time with my Dad.And sometimes in the pub I watch it just to avoid an awkward conversation,

But when it’s The World Cup I become a fan. I begin reading the sports section of a newspaper first. I scream at the TV like it can hear me,

I turn up. Join in. And I’ll happily nod along to conversations about formations that I don’t understand.

And then when it’s all over. I hang my shirt up.

I go back to my normal relationship with football. Where it doesn’t bother me, and I don’t bother it. Me and football, resume this kind of awkwardness. Very similar to when you bump into a one-night stand down the beg isle of Sainsbury’s.

The fickle fan - shares intense burst of passion for the game which happen every four years, and more importantly when England actually have  a chance. Which apparently is rare, very rare.

written by Lib Papworth

Directed by Phelgm

photography by pip jay king


Photographer - Pip Jay King

Girl - Lib Papworth