Faces of Fashion Week

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If you ever fancy googling the definition of self-expression.

This is what you will find. “Self expression is the expression of one's feelings,

thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.”

Valid. All very valid. But I feel there is something missing.

And chances are you did it this morning.

Getting dressed. pUTTING ON Clothes. Fashion.

Some people don’t see it as self-expression. They will say it is vanity, a waste of time.

However - unless you are very newborn baby or a devout nudist.

It would be a pretty safe bet TO SAY you have worn clothes before.

So you probably have a relationship with clothes. It might be based on hate, love or an obsession with the colour black.

AND I am going to presume, you also know that feeling, of wearing something which makes you feel a bit more like yourself. An outfit which is more like your own skin - than your own skin is.

that feeling, feels like a universal self-expression to me.

Judgement, scrutiny, and limiting people down to tick-boxes is very much how the real world feels at times. But here on the first week of January in Truman’s brewery at London Fashion Week Men’s.

I saw designers, stylists, influencers, photographers - being whoever they wanted to be. The connection that fashion and more importantly self expression can create, seems to make people happy.

I am not pretending that a jumper can stop war. Or that a pair of socks will put a stop to THE looming recession 2.0.

But creating Nike custom face masks or even making a temporary dou-rag out of a very long scarfs. MEANS Fashion week gives people room to be exactly whoever they want to be, and it is an incredible thing!

These faces of fashion week inspired me to consider the magic of self-expression.

People will always have opinions on what you do. But the only one which you should bother listening to is your own.

Even if it is just, “can I wear sandals and socks?”

If that makes you happy then yes - yes you can.

Written by Lib papworth


Photographer - Pip Jay King