jug love tee

jug love tee


The Jug-Love Tee

So tits? They are fascinating things aren’t they, babies feed from them, 14-year old boys obsess over them, re-touchers perfect them, pornhub pays the heating bill with them and yet here we are, with nearly 50% of women hating their own couture bags of wonderfulness.  

But no matter if they are big, small or non-existent, celebrate that all boobs are bootiful with the jug-love tee.

Pretty pink and cool (we think).

We are both super obsessed with t-shirts and how they fit, so we've sized them in bagginess. 

Greeno (gal model) - is a size 10 and wears a Baggy. 

Chris (boy model)- is a guys M and wears the Baggiest. 

Note: All profits from our products go back into Phlegm. We want to have our honesty chats and make more cool shit in our bid to kill perfection.

Just wanted to let you know, incase you thought that maybe we were gonna blow all your dollar on booze and fags. This writing confirms that we won't. 


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