the girls

Phlegm wants to destroy the idea of perfection with open and honest vibez.

Work-mates, flat-mates, best-mates. We are the all-in-1 mate to each other. Being 24/7 besties, we talk about everything... like yeah everythangggg. We share the same socks, know the pattern of each others bowel movements, and if you've ever received a shitty message from one of us - it's from both of us.

Being this open with each other is proper sick. We've realised the weird things that we thought were weird, aren't actually that weird because we actually both do those weird things. Proper weird right?

In short we've found that the more you talk about weird shit, the more normal that shit becomes.

We love being free lil creative birds. So we rubbed our heads together, gave each other nits and Phlegm was born.

Talking about all that stuff that no-one else talks about. Whilst also doing all that dere creating, making and collaborating. 

Society has been pretty fucked by the idea of perfection. And if you're ever scrolling through the pages of insta feeling like poop here's some Pip + Lib words of wisdom "Perfection is an arsehole, my friend".

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Lots and of love and other fun stuff 

Pip + Lib xo