Pip + Lib.

Work-mates, flat-mates, best-mates. We are the all-in-1 mate to each other. Being 24/7 besties, we talk about everything. We share the same socks, know the pattern of each others bowel movements, and if you've ever received a shitty message from one of us - it's from both of us.

We love being free lil creative birds. So we rubbed our heads together, gave each other nits and Phlegm was born.

Phlegm is based all on the generation of New adults, us juniors, interns, people who don’t get to make the cool shit they wana make.

We are new adults, we only make stuff that we would want to see in the world.

its a place where we can create, make and collaborate with nice + cool people. 

take it easy breezy

Love xo

oh yea….

we are a gal team that consists of a photographer, writer, art director, creative, and a pair of starting out directors... incase we were being too cryptic.